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Nov 14 2016

Stress leads consumers to save money but spend strategically on necessities, a study finds.

aerobic thumb
Feb 10 2016

Scientists say combining exercise andf meditation and learning new cognitive skills can help reduce overwhelming negative thoughts.

Dec 11 2014

Here's some practical advice for drinking safely and responsibly during the holidays.

Professor Dipak K. Sarkar
Dec 9 2014

Dipak K. Sarkar, a distinguished professor in the Department of Animal Sciences whose research focuses on understanding how stress promotes infection, cancers and alcohol-related diseases, has been named a Board of Governors Professor.

Nov 16 2014

Employers seek strategies to relieve workplace stress and promote behavioral health among their workers.

Apr 29 2014

DeStress Fest offers stressed-out students some respites from the pressure of exams.

Aug 15 2013

New research could eventually help those suffering with extreme anxiety disorder like post traumatic stress.

junk food cookies
Dec 15 2011

Is comfort food good or bad for your health?