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Dec 11 2016

Rutgers students are quick to share their opinions on everything from the food to the music in the university’s dining halls.

Dec 4 2016

New Jersey's diverse population has increased demand for a wide variety of hot peppers. Rutgers researchers are developing peppers for all tastes - from a mild Poblano to the mouth-scorching Trinidad Scorpion.

Nov 30 2016
Members of the Rutgers community hosted international students for the Thanksgiving holiday. Watch and find out what it's like to experience the traditional American holiday for the first time.
Oct 30 2016

Call when you can; text when you can't. That's the message from Rutgers police and dispatchers who are running a pilot 911 text system serving the university community and Middlesex County. Watch and see it in action.

Oct 16 2016

Do you like to color? The Rutgers Art Library released coloring books that feature images of Rutgers that you can make into masterpieces. Watch and see why students find coloring relaxing.

Oct 5 2016

Do you have a photographic memory? Can you speak several languages? Rutgers students say those are among the talents they would like to have. Watch and find out what else they have to say.

Oct 3 2016

Students at Rutgers University-New Brunswick can't use money as an excuse to skip the gym this semester. Rutgers Recreation gave every student a free flex pass that provides access to more than 100 fitness classes.

Sep 28 2016

Beekeeping is making a comeback in New Jersey. Rutgers is training new beekeepers with the hope that the hobby might turn into a profession for some and help solve New Jersey's bee shortage. Watch our video to see what all the buzz is about.

Sep 25 2016

Are you brave enough to jump off a mountain or swim with sharks? Rutgers students say those are some of the bravest things they've ever done. Find out what else made the list. 

Sep 21 2016

Rutgers' youngest students are getting a taste of what it's like to cook at a new teaching kitchen specifically designed for preschoolers. The new facility is designed to help children embrace healthy eating at a young age.

Sep 11 2016

Rutgers classical saxophone instructor Paul Cohen has over 200 saxophones composing the largest private collection in the world. Watch and find out which instruments are his favorites and see how he finds his "personal voice" playing the sax.

Aug 21 2016

How is the classroom environment different in China compared with the United States? Watch our video to see what students from South China University of Technology have to say after studying robotics and engineering at Rutgers this summer.

Aug 7 2016

Are you wondering what the Pokémon Go craze is all about? Rutgers was recently named one of the top 50 places to play the popular game in the nation. Watch our video to find out what the people staring at their cell phones are really after.

Jun 12 2016

What does it take to play disc golf? Take your golf ball and replace it with a flying disc. Then switch out traditional holes in the ground for baskets and you're all set. Just take aim.

Apr 13 2016

Using only paper and electronics, first-year students at Rutgers created a lightsaber, xylophone and even a singing dog in a Byrne Seminar course. Watch and see what happens when you combine art and engineering.

Apr 7 2016

We asked Rutgers students about the best day of their lives and found plenty of joy to go around - from taking outstanding trips to hearing good news about a family member's health. Watch and enjoy.

Mar 30 2016

It's one thing to want to drive a race car, but it's another thing to figure out how to build the car from scratch first.

Mar 24 2016
What qualities are you looking for in the next president? Rutgers students say they would support a national leader who respects the middle class and isn't quick to use military force. Find out what else they had to say.
Mar 20 2016

The 'Hear Now Rutgers 250' exhibit at the Zimmerli Art Museum is pulling together your photos to help commemorate the university's 250th year. One couple has already used the exhibit as a backdrop to get engaged.