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Jan 23 2017

Jackie Kelly (R ’16), Scott Sincoff (R ’14) and Morgan Parrish (R’16) work together at KVRR-TV, the Fox affiliate in Fargo. Find out how they arrived there "coincidentally, but intentionally."

Apr 18 2014

Now that Rutgers students have thawed out from a brutal winter, they are eager to pack up their winter jackets, grab their lacrosse sticks and head outside. Find out students' favorite spots to enjoy the sun at Rutgers.

Feb 5 2014

This week's snow made for lots of snowmen, snowball fights and even an igloo or two at Rutgers. Thanks to everyone who submitted their snow photos via social media. These are some of our favorites.

Feb 3 2014

Demos for the show "Strangest Weather on Earth" explain principles behind weather events in a way that viewers can understand and enjoy while providing a glimpse of Rutgers' teaching and research expertise.

David Robinson
Jan 26 2014

David Robinson, professor, Department of Geography, School of Arts and Sciences, and New Jersey State Climatologist, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences.

Jan 26 2014

David Maiullo has been entertaining Rutgers students and others with his physics demonstrations for more than 25 years and his audience is quickly growing.

Rutgers students are mixed, but many are concerned about global warming and believe people can take small steps to help the planet. Check out their responses in the first installment of our new RU Speaks weekly series.