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David Redlawsk

Gov. Chris Christie
Feb 16 2016

Gov. Christie has returned from his run for the White House to disenchanted New Jerseyans of all political persuasions.

Chris Christie
Jun 30 2015

Chris Christie entered the 2016 presidential race amidst sinking ratings and skepticism about his chances by New Jersey voters.

New Jersey State House
Feb 25 2015

Almost two of every three New Jerseyans favor passage of the “Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act” and believe assisted suicide is morally acceptable, according to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

Atlantic City
Feb 23 2015

Despite the appointment of an emergency management team to help solve Atlantic City’s financial woes, most New Jerseyans call the resort's future dim, a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds.

gas pump
Feb 19 2015

Fifty-four percent of New Jerseyans continue to oppose a gas tax increase, but giving respondents some context when asked their position, softens opposition, a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds.

Chris Christie
Feb 17 2015

Nearly six in 10 New Jersey voters believe Chris Christie would not make a good president, according to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

Hillary Clinton
Feb 16 2015

Although Hillary Clinton hasn't officially entered the 2016 presidential sweepstakes, 80 percent of New Jersey voters say Americans are ready for a woman in the White House, a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds

Chris Christie
Feb 12 2015

As Chris Christie attempts to build a following among national Republicans as he considers a 2016 presidential bid, New Jersey voters have soured on him, a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds.

box of chocolates
Feb 11 2015

Seventy percent of New Jerseyans will "be mine" with someone special on Valentine’s Day, according to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

U.S. Capitol
Dec 19 2014

More than half of New Jerseyans believe Republican control of the Senate will change the country’s direction, a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds.

Gov. Chris Christie
Dec 17 2014

New Jersey voters say taxes (25 percent) and the economy and jobs (20 percent) remain their top two concerns, according to the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

U.S. Capitol
Dec 16 2014

Fifty-three percent of New Jerseyans support President Obama’s executive order sparing millions of undocumented immigrants from risk of immediate deportation, a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds.

gas pump
Dec 15 2014

Regardless of how they view the condition of the state's roads, about 60 percent of New Jersey drivers oppose hiking the state gas tax, a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds.

giant book sale
Dec 12 2014

Many New Jerseyans were not in the mood to shop during Black Friday weekend and also thought stores should remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds.

Eagleton Institute
Dec 11 2014

A new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds more division over the Ferguson, Mo. death of Michael Brown.

Atlantic City boardwalk
Oct 22 2014

Nearly two-thirds of people believe gambling has benefited only the casino hotels and not the residents of Atlantic City, a new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds.

Casino slots
Oct 20 2014

Many New Jersey residents are not sure sports betting at casinos and racetracks will help revitalize Atlantic City's economy, according to a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

Gov. Chris Christie
Oct 13 2014

Gov. Chris Christie's apparent "small rebound" in favorability following his Bridgegate ratings collapse now looks like a "temporary blip," according to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

gas pump
Oct 9 2014

Despite the state’s crumbling infrastructure, 58 percent of Rutgers-Eagleton poll respondents oppose paying more at the pump to fund repairs and other transportation costs.

Med analyst in bio safety suit
Oct 8 2014

Despite paying attention to news reports, many New Jerseyans still hold misperceptions about Ebola, a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds.