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Research News

Mar 27 2017

Rutgers scientists lead research that discovers potential advance for the electronics industry.

Barataria thumb
Mar 13 2017

Until now scientists didn’t know which kinds of animals were most affected and what impact their fates had on the food chain.

Mar 10 2017

Did you get a flu shot this year? If so, who made your appointment? If not, would you have gotten vaccinated if someone else made the appointment for you?

Mar 9 2017

Rutgers and other U.S. researchers say compound may prevent damaged proteins from accumulating. 

Mar 6 2017

Air pollutants are linked to more cases of heart disease than lung disease, says study by a Rutgers co-author. 

Mar 6 2017

Rutgers study reveals that personality traits influence and help predict receptiveness to smartphone notifications 

Feb 27 2017

Rutgers’ Prabhas Moghe and other scientists have created a new way to identify the state and fate of stem cells.

Feb 23 2017

Rutgers’ Nicole Fahrenfeld leads research documenting impacts in stream water and sediments from a wastewater disposal facility.

Feb 20 2017

A Rutgers study finds the impact of racist and sexist behavior is broader than often believed.

Alzheimer's Thumb
Feb 13 2017

A Rutgers study finds toxic proteins doing harm to neighboring neurons. 

India Public Health
Feb 2 2017

Research led by a Rutgers public health expert reveals poverty and inequalities contribute to premature deaths in India's capital city. 

dementia thumb
Jan 23 2017

Rutgers scientists pinpoint protein in brain pathway that enhances memory and could help scientists discover therapies for dementia.  

Jan 18 2017

From climate change to Obamacare, the start of the Trump administration raises many questions for the future of policy in the United States.

Nov 23 2016

Obesity and diabetes are likely the cause of a reversal in a downward trend in stroke occurrence, according to researchers.

Nov 14 2016

Stress leads consumers to save money but spend strategically on necessities, a study finds.

Oct 26 2016

 In The New England Journal of Medicine, the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences chancellor explores why long-sought access to clinical trial data is underused.

preemie thumb
Oct 18 2016

Rutgers scientists discovered that metabolic disruption prevents gut development and may lead to a life-threatening condition that is a major cause of death.

Oct 10 2016

Rutgers, the Carnegie Foundation and German scientists reveal how a little-known amoeba engulfed a bacterium to become photosynthetic

casino slots
Sep 28 2016

Find out what Rutgers researchers have to say about the impact of bringing the first casino outside Atlantic City on jobs and state revenue.

Gov. Chris Christie
Sep 19 2016

As the Bridgegate trial gets under way, Gov. Chris Christie's favorability and job approval ratings continue to plummet, the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds.