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climate change

Jan 18 2017

From climate change to Obamacare, the start of the Trump administration raises many questions for the future of policy in the United States.

Sep 28 2015

Researchers at five universities, including Rutgers, compared storm models from prehistoric to modern eras and found a dramatic increase in major storm occurrence.

Jul 8 2015

The "elevation-dependent warming" phenomenon has implications for tourism, in terms of shorter ski and whitewater rafting seasons, as well as forestry based on a new Rutgers study. 

arctic ice
Jun 1 2015

Data reveals wavy jet stream patterns, linked to extreme weather events, are becoming more frequent.

Mosquito Thumb
Apr 7 2015

Accurate forecasts of a changing climate may not be enough to predict future risk from disease transmission.

Oct 31 2013

A new study led by Rutgers’ Yair Rosenthal shows that the ocean is now absorbing heat 15 times faster than it has over the previous 10,000 years.

Morgan Schaller and James Wright
Oct 6 2013

What happened 55 million years ago is happening today, geologists say.