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Photo of Nan Gao in his lab
Apr 12 2016

A team led by a Rutgers University-Newark biologist believes that an intestinal cell type may be at the root of this serious ailment that afflicts 16 million Americans.

Sep 11 2015

With its ability to analyze miniscule amounts of fluid, this Rutgers breakthrough could also promote central nervous system and joint research.

Jul 20 2015

Rutgers researcher says findings published in the journal Pediatrics may offer another reason to judiciously prescribe antibiotics to children.

statin drugs
Jun 8 2015

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs most likely do not cause short-term memory loss, according to a Rutgers and University of Pennsylvania study of nearly one million patients.

Rutgers students and faculty are conducting research on a new boat that is turning the nearby Raritan River into a laboratory and classroom. Watch and see it in action.