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Tuesday January 17, 2017

Rutgers Today

Multimedia Feature

  • Augmented Reality Adds New Dimension to Learning at Rutgers

    Rutgers is developing a new way for college students to learn called augmented reality, or AR. Hover a smart phone over an object and watch it spring to life in 3D using an augmented reality app or see a video begin playing on a page of a textbook. Find out how it works.

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What's Happening at Rutgers

  • prints
    Print Exhibition

    The Art Library presents an exhibition of prints by Rutgers alumnus Max Ferro through the end of February.

  • democracy
    Whose America? Democracy in a Time of Division

    The Institute for Women’s Leadership Consortium presents the discussion “Whose America? Democracy in a Time of Division” January 19. 

  • Stewards
    Environmental Steward Training Program

    Learn about the science behind pressing environmental issues and create positive change in your community through the Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program. Classes run January through June. 

  • film festival
    New Jersey Film Festival

    Screen cutting-edge films at the New Jersey Film Festival from January 28 to March 3.

  • Jaz
    Articulations: Jaz Graf

    Rutgers University-Newark hosts an art exhibition by Jaz Graf, who works in experimental techniques with paper and print, through July 17.

Fast Facts
About Rutgers

The first African-American student admitted to Rutgers’ New Jersey College for Women, now Douglass Residential College, Julia Baxter Bates was the NAACP’s lead researcher for two decades. Her work directly influenced the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling, which declared school segregation unconstitutional.


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