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Friday September 30, 2016

Rutgers Today

Multimedia Feature

  • How to Set Up a Hive

    Beekeeping is making a comeback in New Jersey. Rutgers is training new beekeepers with the hope that the hobby might turn into a profession for some and help solve New Jersey's bee shortage. Watch our video to see what all the buzz is about.

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What's Happening at Rutgers

  • A Lecture by Donna Brazile

    Donna Brazile, Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee, speaks October 10 at 7 p.m. in a free lecture. RSVP required. 

  • 1980s
    Looking Back at the 1980s: Gifts to the Collection

    Through January 8, the Zimmerli Art Museum presents an exhibition of works that have been donated to the museum.

  • crime
    'Partner in Crime' Exhibition

    The Paul Robeson Galleries presents an exhibition in the Department of Criminal Justice in Newark that examines the connection between geography and imprisonment through December 22. 

  • Farming
    ‘RU Ready to Farm’ Course

    Learn the basics of farming in this three-day course on October 22 and 26 and November 5 offered by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension. Registration required. 

  • Barbata
    Collaborations Beyond Borders Exhibition

    The Center for Women in the Arts hosts an exhibition featuring the artwork of visiting artist Laura Anderson Barbata through December 16.

Fast Facts
About Rutgers

The Thomas A. Edison Papers project is one of the most ambitious editing projects ever undertaken by an American university. Since 1978, a team of Rutgers-led editors/scholars has been turning 5 million pages of documents into an unparalleled educational resource.


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