Rutgers Response to the Proposed Merger of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School into Rutgers University

Rutgers Response to the Proposed Merger of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School into Rutgers University

N.J. – Leaders at Rutgers University today praised the report of the UMDNJ
Advisory Committee calling for incorporating the Robert Wood Johnson Medical
School, as well as the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and the School of Public
Health, into the state’s flagship university.

“The findings
of the committee echo the recommendations of former Gov. Tom Kean and that of
medical professionals and educators throughout the state who have recognized
the enormous potential that returning the medical school to Rutgers will have
on the quality of medical education in New Jersey, on the health and welfare of
all New Jerseyans and on Rutgers as it furthers its position as one of
America’s leading research universities,” said Ralph Izzo, chairman of the
Rutgers Board of Governors.

Christie and Gov. Kean have made it clear that our great state needs a great
university. This merger, along with hard work and a clear focus, will help
propel Rutgers into the very top tier of global research universities,” Izzo

“By any
measure, the merger is right for New Jersey,” said Rutgers President Richard L.

“Such a merger
will help cement the state’s leadership position in pharmaceuticals and the
biomedical sciences by maximizing resources to support the industries that have
been and will be at the heart of New Jersey’s economic prowess,” McCormick said.

“With this
reorganization, New Jersey can increase its success in securing federal
research dollars, re-engage the state’s core industries with its research
university spurring local investment, retain more health care dollars within
the state and greatly improve health care for its citizenshe added.

“It will
increase access to clinical trials and other cutting-edge medical treatments
for New Jersey residents, will enhance the quality of science education for all
Rutgers undergraduate and graduate students, and will eliminate many of the
current impediments to maximizing collaboration between and among researchers
and industry,” McCormick said.

the merger will be a challenging task. 
It will require the active involvement of Rutgers’ governing boards and
the leadership of state policymakers. 
Clearly, the Board of Trustees is anxious to begin the process,” said
Ken Schmidt, chairman of the Rutgers Board of Trustees.


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