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Wednesday April 23, 2014

Research News

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  • Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium

    Rutgers, through The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, is a member of this group of academic institutions that collaborates to improve our understanding of cancer in the lab and the treatment of cancer in our hospitals.

  • Weather Channel Showcases Rutgers Physics Demonstrations

    Demos for the show "Strangest Weather on Earth" explain principles behind weather events in a way that viewers can understand and enjoy while providing a glimpse of Rutgers' teaching and research expertise.

  • Close the Innovation Deficit

    Rutgers joins a group of business, higher education, and scientific organizations urging Congress to "close the innovation deficit" with strong federal investments in research and higher education.

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Featured Expert:

  • Walter Zahorodny

    Walter Zahorodny, assistant professor of pediatrics, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

    A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the prevalence of autism among 8-year-olds in New Jersey rose in the latest reporting year, 2010, to nearly 22 children per thousand, or approximately one child in 45. That figure represents the “highest ever reported for a single site” since the CDC started closely monitoring 11 U.S. states in 2000. Zahorodny has compiled New Jersey’s numbers from the start – and seen them more than double in a decade.

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