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Have a great idea or spot an interesting story about Rutgers? We'd like know about it.

The mission of Rutgers Today is to aggregate and publish the most significant, timely, and interesting information about Rutgers to the broadest possible audience – serving readers and viewers both inside and outside the university. We link to content already published on other sites and also evaluate story ideas to develop ourselves. Please consider the following guidelines:

The multimedia box showcases the best video and photo content from across the university. If you would like to submit existing video material for consideration, keep in mind that videos should be no longer than two minutes. You may edit your own videos or request that Rutgers Today staff do so. Photo slideshows typically require at least six images, but outstanding single images will be considered.

The “Top Stories” section links to the most important news and information about Rutgers’ three campuses. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Major administrative announcements
  • Significant research breakthroughs
  • Key university initiatives
  • Important university milestones
  • Campus events of broad appeal
  • Brief Q & As with Rutgers experts on "hot topics" in the news

The “Features” section displays well-written, engaging stories of general interest about university faculty, staff, students, alumni, programs, and initiatives. These articles reinforce the university’s commitment to excellence in all that we do. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Profiles of interesting people on all three campuses
  • Blogs about trips, projects, and initiatives related to Rutgers
  • First-person essays tied to the writer's experience at Rutgers
  • Stories about innovative programs

“What’s Happening at Rutgers” highlights upcoming events in the Rutgers community that are open to the public and appeal to broad audiences. If you would like to submit existing print material for consideration in this section, please include a link to the site where the material is posted. The information about the event (when, what, where) should be displayed prominently on your web page. Editors are looking for content that is brief and includes photos and/or other graphic elements.

Rutgers Today does not link directly to PDF files or Word documents. The material should be hosted on a website. Events submitted for consideration should be sent to Rutgers Today editors at least two weeks prior to the event date.

If you don't have existing content available but you have an idea for a video or print story, please let us know by filling out the form below. Note: We cannot feature information from outside Rutgers unless there is a clear affiliation with a university unit or program.

The editors of Rutgers Today have the authority to edit any submitted content and determine what appears on the page. Questions and feedback should be directed to Executive Editor Karen Smith and/or Managing Editor Carla Cantor.

Thanks for the taking the time to contact us with your idea. You also can contact us directly at

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