Engineering Students Demonstrate Projects that Solve ‘Real-World’ Problems

Engineering Students Demonstrate Projects that Solve ‘Real-World’ Problems


Automated Elevator Maintenance System

Elevator problems can be annoying, disruptive and
sometimes dangerous. This system is designed to minimize problems by monitoring
an elevator’s acceleration, braking, shock, vibration, and motor bearing
temperatures. Software-controlled sensors communicate wirelessly with a service
station over the internet and emergency messages can be immediately sent via
cell phone to a repair facility.

Proof Office Environment

Many office workers suffer from occupational
disorders and injures such as low back pain, shoulder pain, and carpal tunnel
syndrome, likely caused by inappropriate seating and hand posture. This system
monitors a person’s joint angles and estimates his or her working load. When
joint angles stray from comfort zones for too long or the working load becomes
too large, the system provides alerts. When the system notices that a user has
inappropriate lumbar, arm or wrist support, it adjusts the chair or keyboard

Quality Control for Seal Inspection System

This system tests the strength of package seals for
foods such as potato chips, nuts and candies. A fixture holds the package, applies
a force and measures the package’s deformation. It helps determine the
probability of accepting a product with a weak seal and rejecting a product
with a good seal.


Minimization and Revenue Maximization Cutting System

Industries that do glass, wood, plastic or metal
sheet cutting receive sheets of raw material and have to cut it to match
specific sizes. This system determines the optimum number of cuts to minimize
material waste and thereby maximize revenue. It stores information about the
type of products that change daily and seasonally and determines the optimum
cutting for a given day.

Mate for Picking up Objects

Undesired objects on the floors of typical machine
shops, garages, and parking lots can cause safety hazards and equipment damage.
This system picks up a wide range of objects with different shapes and material
compositions and returns them to their appropriate storage places.

for Assembling Modern Electronics



This is a pick-and-place machine similar to those
used to assemble modern electronics. It picks up electronic parts from trays and
inserts them into circuit boards that measure up to five-by-five inches.



Weeding and Repair System

This system is designed to recognize weeds and other
unwanted plants in a lawn and pluck them out. It then replaces the weeded area with
grass seeds and soil proportional to the weeded area. It is designed to clear
an area of 100 square feet in about 10 minutes.


and Garden Water Monitoring and Control System

This system minimizes water usage in yards and
gardens. It is designed to download weather information from public databases
to set up irrigation schedules. It also uses sensors to measure light level,
moisture, and temperature to determine the volume of the water needed and the
optimum time to deliver it.


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