Engineering Students Demonstrate Projects that Solve Real-World Problems

Engineering Students Demonstrate Projects that Solve Real-World Problems

Media Contact
Carl Blesch

WHAT: Creative engineering solutions to everyday problems – demonstrations and presentations

WHO: Senior industrial engineering students at Rutgers University

WHEN: Friday, Dec. 5, 2014, 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

WHERE: First floor lobby and lecture hall, CoRE Building, 96 Frelinghuysen Road, Busch Campus, Piscataway. (Parking available in lot 64 at end of Brett Road)

BACKGROUND: A “smart” infant car seat that feeds the child and plays music, a robot doorman that screens visitors and receives packages for a building’s residents, a fully automated gift-wrapping machine and 3-D printing technology to restore damaged knee tissue: These are a few of the engineering solutions to real-world problems that industrial engineering students at Rutgers University will exhibit in the 15th annual Design of Engineering Systems presentations.

The program serves as a learning tool for graduating seniors and a talent display for companies looking for new industrial engineers. Students work in teams to design and implement solutions; they then explain and demonstrate the solutions to fellow classmates, faculty and industry representatives.

Projects and team members:

Fully Automated Soccer Trainer
Zecharia Abraham (Paramus), Manan Desai (Bordentown), Jesse Holloway (Point Pleasant), Michael Lim (Demarest), Robert Schultz (Piscataway)
This compact and automated soccer trainer shoots balls to players at different angles and speeds.

UAS Driver Behavior Monitor
Andreina Breton (North Bergen), Wajeeh Iqbal (East Brunswick), Ibaad Sadiq (Edison), Calvin Zheng (Ocean)
Irregular and dangerous driving behavior is the leading cause of traffic accidents. The group designed an unmanned aircraft system (drone) to spot dangerous driving behavior and assesses risks to other drivers.

Ulcer Detection System
Davian Jenerson, Kndrim Kadriu, Renzo Miranda, Daniel Pierrot
This system detects and distinguishes between three common types of leg and foot ulcerations. It will alert the user and his or her physician if there is a high risk of an ulcer developing.

Smart Car Seat
Poojan Patel, Nang Quach, Palash Rathor, Raymond Villanueva (Bridgewater)
The group designed a “smart” infant car seat that provides creature comforts to a traveling infant. It includes an automated feeder, music player, and active health monitoring controlled by a tablet or smart phone app.

Robot Doorman
Gwendolyn Campbell (Woodstown), Eric Gliebe, Nick Perrette (Skillman), Scott Vanek (Kenilworth)
The group designed a robot capable of performing duties of a doorman while maintaining the experience of a human. It can recognize strangers and inform tenants of events such as package deliveries.

UAS Guidance System for the Blind
Iqra Ahmed (Robbinsville), Timothy Chang, Eric Fung, Keeho Lee (Norwood)
This automated unmanned aircraft system (drone) navigates a blind user through a multistory building, helping the user avoid obstacles and minimize distance.

Fully Automated Snack Mix Production Machine
Ryan Ghaida (Manalapan), Duncan Maina, Bassel Mudarris (Old Bridge), Kyle Potkay (Cedar Knolls)
An automated snack mix production machine accepts customized orders, packages them and stores them to be picked up a later time if needed. It accepts input wirelessly via web or text, providing constant feedback to customers and the machine’s operator.

Fully Automated Distributed System
Brianne Behr (Parlin), Sayir Malik (East Brunswick), Laura Pawlowski (Park Ridge), Scott Schreck
This distribution system receives order inputs as images and optimizes the retrieval of items.

Automated Seal Strength Inspection Machine
Stefano Craig (Union), Chirag Patel (Union City), Cesar Sanchez (Paterson), José Sanchez (Randolph)
The group designed non-destructive, online, automated seal strength and package integrity inspection system. It aims to minimize errors in the inspection process.

Self-Adjusting Ergonomic Smart Chair
Jiten Mistry, Shivang Shah, Rahul Sunkavalli, Cuong Vo
This automated smart chair reduces the risk of injury by monitoring back and shoulder posture to provide optimal support.

Multi-Tool 3-D Scaffold Weaver
Josh Levy (Englewood), Kyle MacKinnon, Rohan Rath (Plainsboro), Dylan Vas
The group is adapting 3D printing technology for biomedical applications, specifically to build complex collagen scaffolds that support knee tissue regeneration.

Automated Sample Inspection System
Charles Finley (Burlington), Meena Mallela (South Brunswick), Ryan Markey (Monmouth Beach), Nancy Metawea (Fords)
This system performs inspections on various aspects of product quality, identifying and separating out unacceptable products.

Fully Automated Gift-Wrapping Machine
Haris Ackerman (Linwood), Abhi Chakravarthy, Kenny Haury (Wildwood Crest), Tarek Saad
The group designed a gift wrapping machine that wraps boxes of different sizes with paper that the customer selected.

Total Plant Care Machine
Alyse Belgrave (Somerset), Arushi Dharia (Flemington), Alicia Gaston (Bloomfield), Daniel Tramontano (Morganville)
This is an efficient plant care system that plants, fertilizes, waters, and controls weeds. It works in gardens of varying shapes with different types of plants.

Media Contact
Carl Blesch