Computer Engineer Returns to Rutgers–Camden for Degree in Physics

Computer Engineer Returns to Rutgers–Camden for Degree in Physics

Greg Perugini

Greg Perugini

CAMDEN — Twenty years after graduating from Rutgers–Camden with
his MBA, Greg Perugini is back on the familiar campus to receive his bachelor’s
degree in physics, a subject he always considered a hobby.

“The way my life has gone, my hobbies end up becoming my jobs,
which is a good thing,” says Perugini, a Sicklerville resident. “I’ve always
had an interest in astronomy and physics.”

The 54-year-old former engineer for Apple Computer, Inc. says he
took a couple of physics courses at Camden County College and then became interested
in pursuing his bachelor’s degree in the field, so he enrolled at
Rutgers–Camden. He’ll graduate on May 23.

“The degree is more for me than anything,” Perugini says. “It’s
not to get a job. At my stage of life, I want to teach.”

Perugini received his bachelor’s degree in business administration
from the University of Kentucky. He worked for Electronic Data Systems, an information
technology equipment and services company, and later started his own web
development company.

For the past several years, he’s taught astronomy and physics at
Burlington County College and co-authored the book, Solar Energy Systems: Methods, Materials,
and Mechanics

“I wanted to pursue my research interests and that’s what I found
here at Rutgers–Camden,” says Perugini, who has worked with Rutgers–Camden
scholars Daniel Bubb, a professor of physics, and Sean O’Malley, an assistant
professor of physics, on research involving laser interactions with

“The book and my research opportunities never would have
happened without them,” says Perugini, who says he’s also learned a lot about
teaching physics from his Rutgers–Camden professors.

“I think I’ve adopted a lot of Dr. Bubb’s style.
Advancing the field of physics education is where my interests lie,” he says.

To that end, Perugini will soon teach a course titled
“Physics for Health Sciences” at Rutgers–Camden.

“As a nation, we have to get better in how we teach and
motivate the students. I want to help grow the field of physics education.”

“When I decided to pursue my degree in the field, I knew
Rutgers was the ideal place for me,” Perugini continues. “There was only one
option, and it was here. I’d like to take it further and pursue my master’s in
physics, too.”

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