Experts from Rutgers-Camden: The U.S. and Syria

Experts from Rutgers-Camden: The U.S. and Syria

U.S. officials announced Thursday that they have conclusive
evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime has used chemical weapons
against his opposition, an allegation the Syrian government denied on Friday.
The following expert from Rutgers–Camden is available to discuss implications
of the situation.

MARIE I. CHEVRIER is a professor of
public policy at Rutgers–Camden. An internationally-respected weapons and arms
control scholar, Chevrier has written extensively about arms control policy and
has chaired the BioWeapons Prevention Project, a global network dedicated to
the elimination of such weapons. She recently participated in a meeting at the
United Nations in Vienna, Austria, in which she discussed the prevention of
weapons of mass destruction.

Chevrier is
the author of Arms Control Policy: A
Guide to the Issues
(Praeger, 2012) and her research interests include
chemical and biological weapons policy, international negotiations conflict,
and conflict resolution. She can be reached at:


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