Newark Brain Experts Can Discuss Federal "Brain Mapping" Proposal

Newark Brain Experts Can Discuss Federal "Brain Mapping" Proposal

President Obama’s call for a federal brain-mapping program
might be new, but for brain researchers at Rutgers University in Newark,
developing new research strategies and increasing understanding of brain
processes is a way of life.

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Through its nationally renowned Center for Molecular and
Behavioral Neuroscience (CMBN), its Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center
(RUBIC), and its Department of Psychology, Rutgers University in Newark is
leading the way in research into areas such as human development, learning and
memory, perceptual dynamics, neuroeconomics, and computational neuroimaging as
well as developmental problems, mental illness, and addiction.  (See “Inside the Brain,”

Several Rutgers-Newark brain experts are available to
discuss the President’s proposal to invest an initial $100 million to support
brain research and the ways that universities such as Rutgers-Newark could
contribute their invaluable research to this effort; here are two of them.

Dr. Stephen Jose Hanson, director of RUBIC
(, professor of psychology, and a leading researcher
on memory, learning and brain function. 
Contacts: office, 973/353-5440 x3952; cell, 609-731-6839, or .

Dr. Mauricio Delgado, Department of Psychology and
RUBIC;  2010 recipient of the
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from President
Contacts: 973/353-5440, ext. 3949; lab: (973)353-5440, ext. 1827; cell
(to come); or .

Media Contact: Stephen Jose Hanson
973 353-5440, ext. 3952