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  • J. Frederick Grassle, a celebrated oceanographer whose pioneering research helped unlock the ocean's mysteries, died recenlty. As founding director of Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, one of the world’s top comprehensive oceanographic research institutions, Grassle established Rutgers as a global presence in modern oceanography.

  • This summer Arsany Makkar fulfilled his dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with the help of Choose a Challenge, a European-based travel organization that connects college students with international development agencies in need of funds and volunteers. The African adventure took Makkar, a student in the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, up the tallest freestanding mountain in the world and renewed his commitment to public health.

  • Jordan Casteel, an assistant professor of fine arts at Rutgers-Newark, is part of a new generation of African-American painters who are looking at race in response to the historical absence of nonwhites in Western painting. Watch our video to hear her talk about her approach to art and teaching and read the story in Rutgers Magazine for more.

  • During a class when Anthony Sacchetti plans to talk about hay quality, he can end up instead giving an impromptu lesson in how to clean and doctor a horse’s foot, working with Gus, a 27-year old Paint gelding being treated for a hoof abscess. That is the unpredictability of teaching students how to handle and care for horses at the Rutgers Farm.

  • summer reading

    The days are longer, the schedules lighter and many members of the Rutgers community have summer reading on their minds. Rutgers Today wondered what books made faculty and staff members' must-read lists for the next few months. Check out some of the answers.

  • The Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers-Newark has acquired the full collection of the late jazz icon, William J. “Count” Basie Jr. The institute is now home to the collection of nearly 1,000 artifacts, which includes pianos, a Hammond organ, business records, housewares, clothing and scrapbooks, among other items. Basie, who earned nine Grammy Awards, made history in 1958 by becoming the first African American to receive a Grammy.

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