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  • Many transgender individuals go through life feeling like the world does not understand them. In celebration of transgender awareness week watch the first in a series of videos to learn about the anxiety and other issues transgender individuals face and hear Mark Einstein, Cofounder of the Rutgers Center for Transgender Health at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, explain how he opens up a door to a new life for his patients.

  • Learn about a collaboration between Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the U. S. National Guard to prepare medics to treat the devastating injuries they will encounter when deployed. The program trains combat medics using cadavers of military veterans who donated their bodies to science in another sacrifice for their country.

  • It can be hard to talk to children about violence in the news, especially when it comes to recent mass shootings across the country. Daniel Semenza, assistant professor of criminal justice at Rutgers-Camden, offers age-appropriate advice to start the conversation. Watch our video for help with finding the right words to make your children feel safe and protected.

  • Gulf War veterans with unexplained illnesses can improve their balance with a new device developed by Jorge Serrador, an associate professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Learn more about a study he led that is the first to examine how Gulf War illnesses affect veterans’ systems integral for balance, memory and brain blood flow.

  • Brandon Smith, a fourth-year student at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, sees himself as both a dentist and an artist. Watch our video to see why and to discover the mosaic art he creates with the medium he knows best: teeth – more than 3,000 plastic teeth. (Yes, they are plastic, not real.)

  • On this Election Day, with a record number of women running for office, find out how the Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics helps women of all political stripes get involved in politics through the Ready to Run Program in this video from the Big Ten Network’s LiveBIG series.

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