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  • For poor, black teenagers, depression symptoms are different from people in other demographic groups, requiring that clinicians take this into account when developing treatment plans, according to a new research by Wenhau Lu, an assistant professor of childhood studies at Rutgers-Camden. Read the release and story in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

  • Lee Brody

    Bob Brody is the author of a newly published memoir that focuses on his father, Lee Brody, a pioneer in communications technology for the deaf community. Among the few deaf students admitted to Rutgers, Lee Brody graduated from the university in 1949 with a degree in psychology. Read more about him in the Washington Post.

  • It may take until the 2060s to know how much the sea level will rise by the end of this century, according to a new Rutgers University–New Brunswick-led analysis. 

  • Arnold Cohen

    Meet alumnus Arnold Cohen, labor lawyer and adjunct professor at Rutgers Law School, from which he graduated. Cohen has spent a lifetime exploring all walks of the working life, recently celebrating his 20th anniversary as host of The World of Work, a radio show on which he interviews people about their jobs and work experiences.

  • Taylor Dodge and Rachael Young, Rutgers University-New Brunswick seniors, are friends, roommates, South Jersey natives – and headed to opposite ends of Antarctica this month for separate research projects to gather data on the effects of climate change. Read our story and watch the video to see how Taylor and Rachael prepare for their journeys.

  • Professor Mark Croft and physics support specialist Dave Maiullo recall history of the popular Rutgers Faraday Holiday Children's Lecture

Rutgers In the News

Rutgers In the News

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